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NYYXXII is a British Twitch streamer who is known for her live streams, where she plays games and spends time chatting with her followers.


NYYXXII was born on Saturday, 3 April 1999 (age 22 years; as of 2021) in the United Kingdom. After completing her formal education, NYYXXII enrolled in an acting school and graduated with a degree in acting. However, she decided to follow her passion for gaming and knowing people’s stories, and she started streaming on Twitch. She chose the username NYYXXII as her friends used to call her Itsy Bitsy Nyxi because of her small height.

Physical Appearance

[1]TwitchHeight: 5′ 3″

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Brown



NYYXXII has three siblings.

NYYXXII's parents

NYYXXII’s parents

NYYXXII's younger brother

NYYXXII’s younger brother


NYYXXII began streaming on Twitch on 18 June 2020, and since then she has gained over 250,000 followers (and counting) on her Twitch account. She was affiliated by the platform first, and then, she became partnered streamer with Twitch on 29 January 2021 and began monetizing her content. She started her gaming journey with her favourite game, Little Nightmares. Most of her live streams are about chatting with her Twitch community and streaming online games.


  • NYYXXII identifies herself as a bisexual cis-female. [2]Twitch
  • NYYXXII is into cosplay, and she often dresses up as various gaming characters while playing games on her live streams.

    NYYXXII dressed up as the PC game and movie character Tomb Raider

    NYYXXII dressed up as the PC game and movie character Tomb Raider

  • She has three tattoos on her body. She has a tattoo on her right forearm, right thigh, and on the lower part of her right leg.


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