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Myha'la Herrold

Myha’la Herrold is an American actress who is well known for playing the role of Harper Stern in the British television drama ‘Industry’ (2020).


Myha’la Herrold was born as Myha’la Jael Herrold [1]Unity Care’s YouTube Channel on Saturday, April 6, 1996 (age 25 years, as of 2021), and she hails from San Jose, California. Her zodiac sign is Aries.

Childhood picture of Myha'la Herrold with her mother

Childhood picture of Myha’la Herrold with her mother

The daughter of a cosmetologist, Herrold spent most of her childhood in the beauty salon in California where her mother worked. Herrold first got interested in acting at the mere age of six when she started starring in the community theatrical productions in her hometown. In 2014, she completed her schooling at Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose. During her childhood, Herrold was a prominent member of Archbishop Mitty’s performing arts department and the Children’s Musical Theater San Jose. Despite being practically raised in a beauty salon, Herrold had a complicated relationship with beauty since her childhood. In an interview she said,

Growing up, I was heavily influenced by this eurocentric idea of what beauty is and so I always felt ‘othered’. It really started to affect how I felt about myself was when I was 16, turning 17. I had this mantra where I’d tell myself, ‘You’re beautiful,’—but I couldn’t help feel so insecure, wishing that I had anything but my own body, my own face.”

Thereafter, she pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting/Music Theater at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama in Pittsburgh. [2]Showcase Carnegie Mellon University 2021

Physical Appearance

[3]Showcase Carnegie Mellon University 2021 Height: 5’ 1″

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Myha’la Herrold


Myha’la Herrold, an only child, was raised by her mother, Susan Herrold, who is a cosmetologist.

Myha’la Herrold with her mother Susan Herrold

Myha’la Herrold with her mother Susan Herrold


Myha’la Herrold’s boyfriend, Armando Rivera, is a professional footballer player at the College of the Desert (COD) in Palm Desert, California. COD Football is a member of the American Division-Mountain Conference in the Southern California Football Association (SCFA).

Myha’la Herrold with her boyfriend Armando Rivera

Myha’la Herrold with her boyfriend Armando Rivera


In 2017, she made her Broadway debut when she secured herself the role of Nabulungi in the national tour of the popular musical comedy ‘The Book of Mormon.’ In the play, Nabulungi is the daughter of Mafala and the love interest of Arnold Cunningham, who dreams about going to Sal Tlay Ka Siti one day.

Myha’la Herrold in The Book of Mormon (2017)

Myha’la Herrold in The Book of Mormon (2017)

She made her film debut in 2018 with ‘Rehabilitation of the Hill’ in which she played the role of the background. She appeared in the 2019 indie romantic drama film ‘Premature’ in which she played the role of Dymond.

Premature (2019)

Premature (2019)

She also starred in the 2019 short film ‘The Tattooed Heart’ as Lulu. Later, in the same year, she made her television debut when she appeared in an episode of the American anthology series ‘Modern Love’ as Tami.

Myha’la Herrold in Modern Love (2019)

Myha’la Herrold in Modern Love (2019)

In 2020, she came into the limelight with the British television drama series ‘Industry’ in which she played the role of Harper Stern. The series follows the lives of a group of young graduates who compete for a limited number of roles at a leading international bank in London. In the series, Harper Stern is an ambitious, sharp-witted, twenty-three-year-old woman who must navigate through the treacherous reality of the competitive industry, which is clouded by greed, sex, drugs, and impossible expectations, to secure herself a high-end job.

myha'la Tumblr posts -

Myha’la Herrold in Industry (2020)

In 2021, she starred in the film ‘Plan B.’

#planbedit from Booasaur

Myha’la Herrold in Plan B (2021)


  • ‘Babygirl’ inked on her chest
    Herrold's "Babygirl" tattoo
  • A woman’s face inked on her right thigh
    Myha'la Herrold's thigh tattoo
  • On her right arm, she has ‘Sweet’ inked above a heart tattoo with ‘MAMA’ inscribed in it
    Myha'la Herrold's 'Sweet Mama' tattoo
  • ’96’ inked on her left shoulder
    Myha'la Herrold's '96' tattoo
  • A rose tattoo on the left arm
    Herrold's rose tattoo
  • “Salad,” her cat’s name, inked on her left thigh
    Myha'la Herrold's tattoo
  • “Hungry” inked on her right arm
    Myha'la Herrold's tattoo
  • “Full” tattooed on her right arm
    Myha'la Herrold's tattoo
  • Others
    Myha'la Herrold's tattoo
    Myha'la Herrold's tattoo
    Myha'la Herrold's tattoo


  • While growing up in California, she lacked self-confidence as the only Black or even mixed-race person in the all-white community. It was her mother who helped Herrold to wrestle this issue and taught her daughter that beauty was intrinsic. In an interview with Vogue, while sharing the most important lesson she learned from her mother, Herrold said,

    That it was less about aesthetics and more about taking good care of yourself and self-expression. It’s about who you are, not what a person looks like. She also taught me how to do facial massage.”

  • She is the recipient of the award for best lead actress at the Bay Area High School Musical Theatre Awards (2013) for playing the role of Olive in the musical ‘The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.’ She was also honored at the California High School Musical Theater Awards (2014).
  • Her special skills include cheerleading, stunting, juggling, IPA proficiency, track and field hurtles, and sewing.
  • She has earned her Equity card, a proof of membership in the Actors’ Equity Association of the United States.
  • Just nine months after she graduated from the Carnegie Mellon University in 2018, Myha’la Herrold landed the role of Harper Stern in the HBO series ‘Industry’ and filmed for the pilot episode, directed by the celebrated American actor and director Lena Dunham.
  • She often posts various pictures on her Instagram account displaying her unshaven armpits, a bunch of tattoos, and imperfect body to encourage body positivity among her followers.

    Myha’la Herrold Instagram post

    Myha’la Herrold Instagram post

  • She has a septum piercing, and she also wears a nose ring.
  • Myha’la Herrold is fond of pole dancing and finds it liberating. In an interview, while talking about pole dancing, she said,

    It’s really liberating. Sex and sexuality are connected to my relationship with beauty and health. I had always admired pole dancing and stripping—I thought it was such a fascinating world.”

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