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Marjo (Marjolène Morin) 2

Marjo (b Marjolène Morin) is a singer, songwriter. During her prime, she was a model, fashion editor for the magazine Madame, and manager of L’Air du temps, a Montreal jazz bar, then a chorister in François Guy’s musical comedies Tout chaud, tout show (1975), and L’Île en ville (1978). From 1978 to 1984, she was a member of the Corbeau group (founded by Pierre Harel in 1979) and then enjoyed great success as a solo artist with the albums Celle Qui va, As long as there are children, Bohémienne, Bootleg Blues, Sans Retour, and Turquoise.


Marjo was born as Marjolène Morin [1]The Canadian Encyclopedia on Sunday, 2 Aug 1953, (age 69; as of 2022) in Montreal, Canada. [2]The Canadian Encyclopedia Her zodiac sign is Leo. Montreal, Quebec was Morin’s home and where he grew up. Her experience includes working as a model and editor for the fashion magazine Madame, managing the Montreal jazz club L’Air du temps, and participating in two musicals by François Guy.

Physical appearance

Eye color: Black

Hair color: Blonde

Marjo (Marjolène Morin) 2

Family and Ethnicity

Relations, Husband & Kids

Marjo has dated Jean Millaire (musician) previously.


She began her career as a chorister in two François Guy 2 shows, but it was not until 1978 that Marjo joined the Corbeau group, founded by three former members of the Offenbach group. The group is made up of five members: Michel Lamothe on bass, Roger Belval on drums, Pierre Harel on vocals, as well as Donald Hince and Jean Millaire on guitar.

Corbeau group

Corbeau group

While Harel acted as a mentor for Marjo, he left the team before the release of the first album in 1979. In the early 1980s, the group made a name for itself with its songs J’lâche pas and Illégal, extremely popular in Quebec.

A few years after disbanding Corbeau, she began her solo career performing the theme song for the film La femme de l’hôtel by Léa Pool, for which she won a Genie award. Performer in the collective project Les Yeux de la famine, she played in 1985 in the music video Rumeurs sur la ville by Michel Rivard. The following year, she joined the collective project of the Fondation Québec-Afrique, Rumeurs Sur la Ville. Known simply as Celle Qui Va, it was her first solo album released in 1986. Additionally, she received an invitation to open for legendary American singer Eartha Kitt 3 the same year. It was in 1988 that she collaborated with Gerry Boulet for his song Les Yeux du cœur, for his album Rendez-vous douce.

Then, in 1990, she published As long as there are children. Among the four Felix Awards, she won for the album were Best Rock Album and Best Song for the song “Je Sais, Je Sais.” Over 200,000 copies of the album have been sold.  She released an album titled Bohemian in 1995.

Putting aside her rock style, the singer experimented with the blues in 1998. She had mixed commercial success with her album Bootleg Blues. A compilation album, Sans Retour, was released three years later and contains the best songs from Marjo’s first three solo releases. The separation between her and Jean Millaire forced her to announce that this would be her last album.

Bootleg Blues

Bootleg Blues

The singer announced her return to the world of music during an appearance on the American television show Star Académie in 2004. An album entitled Turquoise was released in November 2005, a year and a half later. Blue Flower was designated as his second album because it lacks the rock sound that made him famous in the 1980s and 1990s.

Marjo in American television show Star Académie

Marjo in American television show Star Académie

The album she released in 2009 was titled Marjo et ses Hommes volume 1 and included one or more duets between her and an individual or group, such as Corbeau. Marjo et ses Hommes volume 2 was released the following year, followed by a show at the Bell Centre. The two volumes were collected in 2013 in a volume entitled Marjo et ses Hommes – L’integrale.

Marjo et ses Hommes Volume 1

Marjo et ses Hommes Volume 1

Marjo et ses Hommes L'integrale

Marjo et ses Hommes L’integrale

She made her film debut in the film Family First (Chien de Garde) by Sophie Dupuis in 2016.

Marjo in Family First (Chien de Garde) (2018)

Marjo in Family First (Chien de Garde) (2018)

There have often been comparisons between Marjo and Edith Piaf and Marilyn Monroe. During an interview with Châtelaine in 1989, she confessed that when she is on stage, she sees herself as a living person rather than a performer. The simplicity and candor of his songs and rock ballads give them a Quebec spirit that attracts a large audience. One of the first Canadian rock singers to explore sensuality and seduction, Marjo pioneered this process.

Awards & Honors

  • 1985 Genie Award for Best Original Song for “Touch Me”
  • 3 Felix Prizes for She Who Goes
  • 4 Félix Awards for the album, As long as there will be children in 1990 including Best Rock Album and Best Song for “I know, I know”
  • SOCAN for the singles “Bohémienne” and “Too much love”


  • In 1986 she released Celle Qui Va, her first album. On the day of its original release, Morin performed as the opening act for Eartha Kitt; however, a pre-concert press conference ended in controversy after Kitt pulled Morin’s hair and spilled wine on her. [3]QuebecJmenSouvnaisPu – Youtube
  • During the evening of December 25, 2014, the singer hit a vehicle on Highway 15 near Laval. She continued on her journey until she was arrested by the police. In 2016, the trial took place in Saint-Jérôme, where she was due to appear but did not show up, winning the case the following year. She pleaded guilty to impaired driving and dangerous driving two years after the accident; she was also acquitted of the hit-and-run charges. [4]Journal de Montreal

Facts/ Anecdotes

  • She has been described in the press as having influenced many singers, including Anik Jean, Marie-Chantal Toupin, and Marie-Mai.
  • After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, she underwent treatment. She was successfully operated on and quickly resumed her activities.
  • On June 2, 2022, she would be 9 months sober. The singer explains that she feels immense energy after having left alcohol. The singer says she was able to quit drinking overnight thanks to what she calls the “calendar method”. It is also thanks to this technique that she says she eliminated cigarettes from her life five years ago. [5]Journal de Montreal

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