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Lucas Bravo is a French model and actor who has participated in much French television and cinema shows such as Sous le Soleil de Saint-Tropez (2013), La Crème de la crème (2014), Plus belle la vie (2016), etc In 2020 he rose to international stardom, after starring in Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’ in which he played the role of Gabriel.


Lucas Bravo was born on March 26, 1988 (Saturday) (age 34; 2022) in Nice, France. During his childhood, Lucas moved around a lot because his father, Daniel Bravo, was a football player whose career took him across Europe. At the age of eleven, Lucas developed a passion for acting when his mother, Eva Bravo, put him in an improv class. He took a theater, film, and television course at the American Academy Of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. He also studied at Tiffany Stern’s Actors Factory in Paris. [1]Vogue

Physical appearance

[2]IMBd Height: 6′ 1″

Weight: 76 kg

Hair Color: Dark Ash Blonde

Eye color: Blue


Family & Ethnicity

Lucas bravo has a French origin. [3]Vulture

Parents and Siblings

Lucas Bravo’s father, Daniel Bravo is a former footballer for the France team. His mother Eva Bravo is a singer.

The parents of Lucas Bravo, Daniel and Eva

The parents of Lucas Bravo, Daniel, and Eva

A picture of Lucas Bravo with his father

A picture of Lucas Bravo with his father

He has three siblings. His sister is called Marie-Eva Bravo. [4]Marie Eva Bravo – LinkedIn He also has two brothers named Adrian Bravo (Assistant Professor in Psychology at College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia) and François-Philippe Bravo (Sports Agent.) [5]François-Philippe Bravo – LinkedIn

A picture of Daniel Bravo's sister with their father

A picture of Daniel Bravo’s sister, Marie-Eva Bravo with their father

The brother of Lucas Bravo, Adrian Bravo

The brother of Lucas Bravo, Adrian Bravo

The brother of Lucas Bravo, François-Philippe Bravo

The brother of Lucas Bravo, François-Philippe Bravo

Relationship, Wife, and Children

Not much is known about his relationships.



In 2013, Lucas Bravo made his television debut with the French soap opera ‘Sous le Soleil de Saint – Tropez’ in which he played the role of Jeff.


Lucas Bravo dans Sous le Soleil de Saint – Tropez (2013)

Then, he appeared in various French TV shows, like T.O.C (2015), Plus belle la vie (2016), etc.


In 2014, Lucas Bravo made his film debut with the French comedy-drama ‘La Crème de la crème’ (also titled Smart Ass) in which he played the role of Antonie Mufla.

Lucas Bravo in La creme de la creme as Antonie Mufla

Lucas Bravo in La crème de la crème as Antonie Mufla

Web Series

Lucas Bravo made his digital debut with Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’ (2020) as Gabriel, who is a chef at a restaurant and Emily’s neighbor. Being a former Sous Chef, Lucas Bravo has a very similar personality to Gabriel. In the interview he said,

“Darren Star is known for casting people who are pretty close in personality to the character. The writers like to write as they get to know the actors.”

Lucas Bravo as Gabriel in Emily in Paris

Lucas Bravo as Gabriel in Emily in Paris (2020)

Net Worth

Lucas Bravo’s net worth is 1.5 million (as of October 2, 2020). [6]Glamour


  • Food: Croissant, Risotto Curry Coco Gambas, and Moscow Mule
  • TV Series: Sex and the City (1998)
  • Destination: Patagonia, South America
  • Romantic Song: ‘Berlin’ by RYX
  • Film Series: Harry Potter
  • Restaurant: Cantine du 18 in Montmartre, Paris


  • Lucas loves to smoke after training in a gym. In an interview he said,

“I found myself, many times, in these kinds of situations, like smoking after the gym. When your lungs are open and you are ready for fresh air. Parisians love to smoke.” [7]Vulture

An instagram post of Lucas Bravo showing him smoking

An instagram post of Lucas Bravo showing him smoking

  • Lucas Bravo is also a huge fan of trekking and rock climbing.

    Lucas Bravo posts an Instgram picture of him rock climbing and trekking

    Lucas Bravo posts an Instagram picture of him rock climbing and trekking

  • Lucas is actually a very talented chef! In an interview, he said: “I used to be a sous-chef in a restaurant a few years ago. When I first got the script, I was like ‘Oh wow. This is definitely for me.’ They made me cook the omelets I made for Emily in the show.”
  • In an interview, he complained about being famous! He said in an interview, “I think being famous is the worst thing that can happen to you. It’s just smoke. It doesn’t mean anything. I’m, like, this objectified overnight thing.” [8]Vulture
  • He is a huge fan of the character, Aidan (John Corbett) from Sex and the City and even says that he has a “man-crush.” [9]Glamour
  • He says that he likes to have long hair as opposed to his look in Emily in Paris. In fact, he was kind of hippie back when he was younger. [10]Glamour
  • He is actually kind of spiritual. He wants to travel so that he can explore the world and find time to spend with himself. He said that his dream destination is “Patagonia because I really enjoy traveling alone and getting very lost, like just to backpack, explore, and see landscapes.”
  • His friends have given him some pretty nice nicknames, Lucio, for example. He says, “It’s kind of Spanish because Bravo is supposed to be Spanish. We’ve been in France for generations, but people called me Lucio.” He also says that some people only call him Bravo. [11]Glamour
  • Once, he purposely said that he has a girlfriend but later on, he confirmed the fact that it was just a prank. In fact, he is single. [12]Glamour
  • Little did you know but he is also a huge Harry Potter fan!
  • His idea of spending a relaxing day is quite simple – “finding the wildest countryside and bringing food and some friends, to jump into the river, climb trees, listen to nature and forget about time and responsibility!”

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