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Le remplaçant (2021)

JoeyStarr (also spelled Joey Starr) is a French rapper, producer, and actor, who co-founded the famous French rap band Suprême NTM in 1989 along with Kool Shen. As an actor, he is known for starring in the French films Polisse (2011), 22 Bullets (2010), and All About Actresses (2009).


JoeyStarr was born as Didier Morville [1]gettyimages on Friday, October 27, 1967 (age 54 years; as of 2021), in Saint-Denis, northern suburbs of Paris, France. While growing up in the city of Allende, Saint-Denis, JoeyStarr had a problematic childhood as he was raised by an authoritarian, violent, and salacious father. [2]Pure People While talking about his childhood, which was full of verbal and physical violence, in a talk show, he said,

My childhood, I was pissed off the b ** to death. You know, I spent a lot of time waiting in a car for the guy to finish putting his cookie in the balloon. “

In 1985, he was thrown out of his family home. Thereafter, for more than a year, he lived in the subways and catacombs in Paris. During that period, JoeyStarr was introduced to the hard life, full of drugs and violence. Apart from that, he also developed a love for hip-hop while living on the streets.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 9″

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black



Parents & Siblings

On October 28, 2021, on the French TV show ‘C à vous,’ JoeyStarr revealed that his promiscuous father, Jean Morville, had fathered several children whom JoeyStarr met after growing up. His father worked as a representative in hydraulic equipment for oil platforms in the North Sea. In the talk show, while talking about his half-brother, Carl, he said,

While making music, I met my siblings. If I hadn’t done what I’m doing today, we would all have been scattered. We don’t know not how many we are. I met my big brother, my oldest on an RER platform. A guy said to me: “I know a guy who looks like you …”, and one day, he brought him back to me. Another of my brothers, the same … The list is long, because the guy was in the conquest, you see. He went to put his cookie all over the place, in lots of balloons.”

Carl is known in hip-hop circles as ‘Lion Scott,’ and he hosts rap battle competitions and concerts as MC. JoeyStarr grew up as half-orphan. After he was separated from his mother, Yvette, at the age of five, for a long time he believed that his mother was dead. To his amazement, he crossed paths with her when he was riding to school on a bus during his teenage. JoeyStarr’s autobiographical novel “Le Petit Didier” features the description of their reunion in his mother’s words. She said,

One day when I was walking in the street, I saw him, in a passing bus. Was it him this time, or another time? I started to run and banged on the door. I was shaking like a carcass. The words couldn’t form in my mouth. Without being invited, I went up the steps, and I entered the bus, up to my son.”

The reunion wasn’t much pleasant as JoeyStarr’s mother had to face her child’s misunderstanding. Finally, he got in touch with her mother at the age of 28 when he saw his mother in the front row of a concert of NTM.

Joeystarr with his mother

JoeyStarr with his mother

Wife & Children

He was married to the French director, screenwriter, and editor Leïla Dixmier (also known as Leïla Sy). They made acquaintance in 2004. Together, the couple has two sons, Matisse Morville (born in 2005) and Khalil Morville (born in 2007). Matisse is a professional football player at the AJ Auxerre training center.

Joeystarr and Leïla Dixmier with their children, Matis and Khalil

JoeyStarr and Leïla Dixmier with their children, Matisse and Khalil

In 2015, he had another son named Marcello from his relationship with Irène Rizzoli.

Joeystarr and Irène Rizzoli

JoeyStarr and Irène Rizzoli

Joeystarr with his son Marcello

JoeyStarr with his son Marcello


The 10-year-long relationship of JoeyStarr with actress Béatrice Galle ended in 2004. She fell in love with him after she saw him in Supreme NTM’s debut studio album, “Authentik.”

Joeystarr and Béatrice Galle

Joeystarr and Béatrice Galle

Soon after his breakup with Béatrice, he started dating Leïla Dixmier. Thereafter, he got into a relationship with Maïwenn Le Besco. JoeyStarr and Maïwenn parted ways in 2011.

Joeystarr and Maïwenn

JoeyStarr and Maïwenn

In February 2018, he started dating Karine Le Marchand, a French journalist and television presenter. The speculations of their relationship began when JoeyStarr posted a picture with Karine on his Instagram account. Just after three months of dating, JoeyStarr and Karine separated.

Joeystarr and Karine Le Marchand

JoeyStarr and Karine Le Marchand

Religion/Religious Views

JoeyStarr follows Christianity. [3]Pure People In June 2016, he shared a video on his Instagram account in which his son Matisse was baptized at the age of twelve; Baptism is a Christian sacrament of admission to the church. [4]Instagram – JoeyStarr



Supreme NTM

In 1989, JoeyStarr began his musical journey as a duo with Kool Shen when he established the music group Supreme NTM, which marked the beginning of French hip-hop in early 90s. Supreme NTM’s debut studio album, “Authentik,” was released on June 3, 1991, under the record label Epic Records, owned by Sony Music Entertainment.

Other studio albums released under the record label Epic Records include 1993… J’Appuie Sur La Gâchette (1993), Paris Sous Les Bombes (1995), and Suprême NTM (1998).

Suprême NTM (1998)

Suprême NTM (1998)

After many successful collaborations, the band disbanded in 2001. It was reformed in 2008 with the live album “On Est Encore Là Bercy.”

On Est Encore Là Bercy

NTM Le Clash (2000) and Supreme NTM- Anthology (2018) were the compilation albums of their songs.


After the group disbanded in 2001, JoeyStarr ended up signing in with the BOSS music label, alongside artists like DJ Spank, Naughty J, DJ James, and Terror Seb. Between 1999 and 2004, the artists of BOSS appeared on the weekly radio show ‘Jeudi Soir de Sodomie’ (Thursday Evening of Sodomy). The label and its artists gained massive popularity during that period. In 2002, he released the single ‘Gaz-L’ under the label BOSS.

Gaz-L by Joeystarr

Gaz-L by JoeyStarr

Thereafter, Joey started producing other artists. At BOSS, Joey produced two records in 2006, Iron Sy’s ‘Irony’ and Natty’s ‘Jump Up.’

Solo Albums, Mixtapes, and Singles

In 2006, he released his solo album “Gare au Jaguarr,” under the label Jive/Epic, which hit number three on French national music charts that year.

Gare au Jaguarr

In 2006, JoeyStarr released the mixtape ‘My Playlist by Joey Starr,’ which trended for a long time. In the following year, he released the ‘L’Anthology Mixtape.’ In 2011, his solo albums ‘Armageddon’ and ‘Egomaniac,’ were released under the label Jive/Epic.



In 2000, he made his film debut with the French comedy film ‘Old School’ in which he played the role of Isaac.

Old School (2000)

In 2009, he made an appearance in the French mockumentary film ‘Le bal des actrices (All About Actresses), which earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at César Awards, France (2010).

Joeystarr in Le Bal des actrices

JoeyStarr in Le bal des actrices

In 2010, he gained popularity after appearing in the French gangster-action film ‘L’Immortel’ (22 Bullets) in which he played the role of Le pistachier. Based on the novel L’Immortel (2007), the film centers around a retired mafia boss Charly Matteï, who, after surviving 22 bullet shots, goes on a revenge spree.

Joeystarr in Le pistachier

JoeyStarr in Le pistachier

He struck stardom with the 2011 French crime drama film ‘Polisse’ in which he played the role of Fred, a hard-edged, bitter yet tender policeman. The film centers on the Child Protection Unit of Paris called Brigade de Protection des Mineurs, where a journalist, who is assigned to cover the unit enters, into an affair with one of the subjects. The role of Fred earned JoeyStarr a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at César Awards, France (2012), Lumiere Awards, France (2012), and CinEuphoria Awards (2013).

Joeystarr in Polisse

JoeyStarr in Polisse

Other prominent french films under his belt include Une autre vie (2013), La marque des anges – Miserere (2013), and Colt 45 (2014).

La marque des anges – Miserere (2013)


From 2008 to 2010, he played the recurring role of Moktar on the French crime drama series ‘Mafiosa, le clan,’ which premiered on Canal+. The series follows Sandra Paoli who takes over the reign of his mafia uncle named Francois Paoli after his murder. In the 2021 French television mini-series ‘Le remplaçant,’ he played the protagonist ‘Nicolas Valeyre.’ In the show, Nicolas is the new French teacher of the Pierre-et-Marie-Curie high school who is known for his whimsical teaching methods.

Le remplaçant (2021)

In the 2021 French TV series ‘Gloria,’ an adaptation of the British thriller TV series ‘Keeping Faith,’ JoeyStarr played one of the main characters, Stan Baldini. The central character of the series, Gloria Meyers, is a lawyer on maternity leave and a mother of three children whose life shatters when her husband David disappears overnight without any explanation.

Joeystarr in Gloria

JoeyStarr in Gloria


In October 2021, he authored the autobiographical book “Le Petit Didier” in which he talked about his traumatic childhood.

Le Petit Didier

JoeyStarr also runs an online shopping portal that features customized apparel and accessories of his eponymous lifestyle brand. In March 2018, the 50-year-old rapper became the first man to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine. [5]Pure People

Joeystarr on the cover of Playboy magazine

JoeyStarr on the cover of Playboy magazine

Alongside Béatrice Dalle, JoeyStarr played the titular role (John Merrick) in the theatrical production ‘Elephant Man,’ which was staged at Théâtre des Folies Bergère in Paris from October 3, 2019, to October 20, 2019. The show chronicles the true-life story of Joseph Merrick, an English man from the Victorian era who is known for having severe deformities due to which he was exhibited at a freak shows.

Joeystarr in the theatrical production 'Elephant Man' (2019)

JoeyStarr in the theatrical production ‘Elephant Man’ (2019)

In November 2021, while he was being interviewed by Europe 1, he talked about his plans to launch a culinary magazine named ‘Five Starr,’ a biannual publication.

Five Starr magazine by Joeystarr


  • In 2008, Leïla Dixmier accused JoeyStarr of domestic violence. According to the testimony given by him at that time, he had hit her in the face, pinned her to the ground, and then spat on her before biting her finger. [6]Pure People After the trial at the Paris tribunal de grande instance in February 2009, the rapper was sentenced to three months in prison and charged a fine of 2,000 euros. Two years later, JoeyStarr claimed that it was Leïla Dixmier who started domestic violence. In an interview in 2011, during the promotion of the film Police, he said,

    The story I had with the mother of my children, it was she who started to hit me. It doesn’t excuse anything. […] The scar I have there on my neck was made by my first wife. I was at the restaurant, she arrived and she stuck a shard of a bottle in me.”

    Previously, in 1999, he was accused of intentional assault on Leïla Dixmier when he hit her in the face.

  • In 2009, he was taken into custody by the police for attacking five young people coming out of a nightclub in the Bastille, Paris, with an ax. [7]Marie Claire
  • JoeyStarr was found guilty of ill-treatment and illegally possessing a protected species in 2002 for which he paid a fine of 9750 euros ($9,100). While shooting for a program for the M6 channel, JoeyStarr slapped his pet monkey several times, which sparked a storm of protests by numerous animal rights activists, including the former actress Brigitte Bardot. [8]Wired

Awards, Honours, Achievements

  • During L’Année du hip-hop Les trophées (2007), he won an award under the category of “Best concert.”
  • During L’Année du hip-hop Les trophées (2008), he won an award under the category of “Best rap artist.”
  • In 2012, he received the Prix Patrick Dewaere, an award annually given to a young and upcoming actor working in the French film industry.


  • Cannabis leaf tattooed on his left shoulder

    Joeystarr's cannabis leaf tattoo

    JoeyStarr’s cannabis leaf tattoo

  • A tribal scorpion tattoo inked on his stomach

    Joeystarr's scorpion tattoo

    JoeyStarr’s scorpion tattoo

  • Knuckle tattoos

    Joeystarr's finger tattoos

    JoeyStarr’s finger tattoos

  • A tattoo inked on the back of his neck

    Joeystarr's neck tattoo

    JoeyStarr’s neck tattoo

  • A tooth inked on his right hand

    Joeystarr's tooth tattoo

    JoeyStarr’s tooth tattoo

  • “MKM” inked on his right shoulder

    Joey Starr's MKM tattoo

    Joey Starr’s MKM tattoo

  • A tattoo inked on his forearm

    Joey Starr's forearm tattoo

    Joey Starr’s forearm tattoo

  • Names of his son tattooed on his chest Matisse, Khalil, and Marcello


  • He is also known by the monikers Jaguar Gorgone and Double R. [9]The Vogue
  • His autobiographical book mentions an event from his childhood when his father killed his pet rabbit and made him eat it. [10]Pure People
  • When NTM started rising to prominence during the 90s, JoeyStarr was unable to cash his royalty checks as he lacked a mailing address.
  • JoeyStarr tasted his son’s umbilical cord when he was born. While talking about his bizarre eating habits, in an interview, he said, [11]Pure People

    I like everything, I’m a real foodie. There are very few things that I don’t like (…) I haven’t eaten everything either but, in any case, there is not much something that turns me off. For example, I taste the balls raw to see what it tastes like.”

  • During his interview on the radio network ‘Sud Radio,’ JoeyStarr revealed that he was fond of cooking.
  • Joey Starr is a victim of Stockholm syndrome, a psychological response in which hostages or abuse victims bond with their captors or abusers. On the show ‘C à Vous, la suite’ (2021), the host Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, while talking about Joey Starr’s abusive father mentioned that despite tolerating his father’s abuse, JoeyStarr had mentioned his fondness for his father in his autobiography. She said,

    You write: ‘I like this guy, I only have him'”. “Well, it looks like Stockholm syndrome. At no time do you stand up against him, but you do the eel. He forbids you a lot of things but you do them anyway.”

  • His ex-girlfriend, Beatrice Dalle, fondly calls him ‘Cafard’ (Cockroach). [12]Instagram – Beatrice Dalle
  • During his childhood, when JoeyStarr still thought that his mother was dead, he received gifts from her on his birthday via a stranger, which offended Joey’s father. While talking about it an interview, he said,

    Every October 27, my birthday, she would come to the parking lot with a gift to find someone to give it to me and make me feel something’s going on…And my dad, every time he heard about that, he would go out into the parking lot and beat her up in plain sight.”

  • He used to take opioids, a drug naturally found in the opium poppy plant, with French sailor Florence Arthaud, who died in a collision of two helicopters on the set of the reality TV show ‘Dropped’ on March 9, 2015. [13]Pure People
  • In 2019, while sharing the incredible view of his hotel room in Dubai via a video on his Instagram account, the rapper accidentally showcased his penis via the reflection of a glass window. [14]Pure People

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