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Ha Yeon-soo

Ha Yeon-soo is a popular South Korean actress, photographer, author, and painter.


Ha Yeon-soo was born as ‘Yoo Yeon-soo’ on Wednesday, October 10 (32 years old; as of 2022) in Busan, Korea. Her zodiac sign is Libra.

Childhood picture of Ha Yeon-soo

Childhood picture of Ha Yeon-soo

She was educated at Peniel Middle School of the Arts, Busan, where she majored in Eastern and Western painting. She then studied at Ulsan Anione High School. Later, due to her interest in painting, she entered Korea Animation High School in Hanam. She studied at the Theater and Film Department of Chung-Ang University, Seoul.

Physical appearance

[1]TV Report Height: 5’3″

Eye Color: Black

Hair color: Black (Dyed into blue, brown, blond, etc.)

Ha Yeon-soo

Family & Ethnicity

Her father belongs to Busan, while her mother belongs to Gyeongju city in South Korea. She has an older brother.

Ha Yeon soo with her brother

Ha Yeon soo with her brother

It was previously said that she had a relationship with an entrepreneur, but she denied the rumors.



  • BH Entertainment Management
  • A.N.D (until 2018)
  • PNK Entertainment (2018-Present) [2]Soompi

Ha Yeo-soo made her acting debut in the South Korean film “Very Ordinary Couple” (2013) as ‘Joo Hyo-Seon.’

Ha Yeon-soo in Very Ordinary Couple (2013) as 'Joo Hyo-Seon.'

Ha Yeon-soo in Very Ordinary Couple (2013) as ‘Joo Hyo-Seon.’

She also played the role in the films Sunshower (2014) and Rose Bud (2019). She made her television debut with the K-drama “Monstar” (2013) under the name ‘Min Se-yi.’

Ha Yeon-soo in Monstar (2013) as 'Min Se-yi'

Ha Yeon-soo in Monstar (2013) as ‘Min Se-yi’

She starred in famous K-dramas, Potato Star 2013QR3 (2013-2014), 4 Legendary Witches (2014-15), Drinking Solo (2016), Oh! Dear Goddesses of Basement (2017) and Rich Man Poor Woman (2018). She made her singing debut with the K-drama ‘Monstar;’ she sang the OSTS, Past Days, Atlantis Princess, Don’t Make Me Cry, Only That Is My World / March, and Practice.

She also sang the song ‘Todak Todak’ from the short film “Sunshower” (2014). She has appeared on a variety of shows like Running Man, My Little Television, and Knowing Brothers.

Ha Yeon-soo in Running Man

Ha Yeon-soo in Running Man

She also hosted the shows like Trend With Me Season 2 and Why Not Season 2. She became an author with the release of her photo essay book ‘On The Way Home (2017)’ which she co-wrote with the Rie (photographer.)

On the way home by Ha Yeon-soo

On the way home by Ha Yeon-soo


  • In June 2018, she shared a photo from her trip to Russia on her Instagram. In the photo, she was seen posing in front of a red and white tent, which shared similar traits to the Rising Sun flag, a symbol of Japanese imperialism. After she posted the photos, people criticized her for it. [3]Koreaboo Later, she clarified her position and said,

“People may have been uncomfortable, but it was not a Rising Sun flag. I love Korea, donate to society and do volunteer work. I think I have basic knowledge, and it is inevitable. I can’t say ‘Please look at me favorably’ to everyone who looks at me. I respect the opinion of anyone who thinks differently, so that’s fine. I don’t know how others may think, including journalists, but I don’t think there is anything that bothers me.”

  • In June 2018, she was again the subject of controversy when she posted a photo of her painting to inform her that she was selling her paintings at an exhibition. Some fans asked her questions about it to which she gave cold answers. She was not liked by the netizens, and they criticized her for speaking so rudely. [4]Koreaboo


Ha Yeon-soo's autograph

Ha Yeon-soo’s autograph

Facts and Anecdotes

  • She loves traveling, photography and pottery.

    Ha Yeon-soo talking about one of her creations on Instagram

    Ha Yeon-soo talking about one of her creations on Instagram

  • Ha Yeon-soo had been passionate about painting since childhood. She is a very good painter and often sends her painting to the exhibition.
  • Ha Yeon-soo’s blood type is B. [5]TV Report
  • At first, she had no intention of becoming an actress. She enrolled in an academy in Hongdae to get into a good university. At the same time, she was working as an Internet model for a shopping mall. It was around this time that she was spotted by her agency (BH Entertainment), which offered her to join their agency. She then joined their agency and decided to become an actor.
  • Before going on stage, she appeared in the music video for 10Cm’s song ‘Love is Falling in Drops’. She also appeared in the music videos for the songs Let’s Not Fall In Love by Big Bang and Heart by Punch.
  • In 2013, she won the Mnet 20’s Choice Award for Booming Star – Female for K-drama “Monstar”.
  • She changed her last name to ‘Ha’ because of the superstition in the industry that actresses with the last name ‘Ha’ are very successful and also because she liked it.
  • She loves animals and has a pet cat named Jackie and a dog named Comoski.

    Ha-Yeon-soo with her pet dog

    Ha-Yeon-soo with her pet dog

  • She loves the movie “Leon: The Professional” (1994) and has watched the movie more than ten times.
  • Ha Yeon-soo’s Instagram profile is fairly filled with beautiful pictures of art. Her first picture on Instagram was posted on February 28, 2016, and was a video of snow falling. She even captioned it with “snow today” in Korean. [6]Ha Yeon-soo – Instagram
  • Once during an interview, Ha Yeon Soo brought up a memorable breakup from her past. Ha Yeon Soo shared her break-up story with the world saying, “I broke up with my first love at Namsan Tower. I had really liked him.” She continued, “I didn’t want to break up with him, so I said, ‘If you want to break up, carry me all the way to the top,’ and he actually did it.” [7]Soompi
  • In an interview, Ha Yeon-soo described her character as “A Human photocopier.” [8]Viki Global TV

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