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Ed Amatrudo

Ed Amatrudo is an American actor known for his roles of ‘Carl Epstein’ in the TV series, NYPD Blue (1999), ‘Glenn Goodman’ in the TV series, Nashville (2012-18), and ‘Fred Harris’ in the TV series, The Resident (2019).


Ed Amatrudo was born as ‘Edward Amatrudo’ on Friday, February 10, 1956 (age 64 years; as in 2020), in Branford, Connecticut.

Ed Amatrudo as a Child

Ed Amatrudo as a Child

He studied at Branford High School and did his graduation from the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut. He also attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, US, to pursue a course in acting.

Physical Appearance

[1]Ed Amatrudo – Profile Height: 5’ 8”

Hair Color: Gray (semi-bald)

Eye Color: Brown

Ed Amatrudo

Family & Ethnicity

Ed Amatrudo was born to Edward B. Amatrudo (firefighter) and Arlene (singer).

Ed Amatrudo's Parents

Ed Amatrudo’s Parents

He has a sister named Terri Amatrudo O’Donnell, and two brothers named Michael Amatrudo and Mitchell Amatrudo.

Ed Amatrudo Brother, Michael

Ed Amatrudo Brother, Michael

Ed Amatrudo Brother, Mitchell with his Wife

Ed Amatrudo Brother, Mitchell with his Wife

Ed Amatrudo's Sister

Ed Amatrudo’s Sister

Ed is married to Laura Amatrudu and has a daughter named Delaney Amatrudo who is an actress.

Ed Amatrudo's Wife, Laura

Ed Amatrudo’s Wife, Laura

Ed Amatrudo with his Daughter

Ed Amatrudo with his Daughter


Ed Amatrudo began his career as a theatre actor. He has acted in many theatrical productions such as Jesus Christ Superstar, Oliver!, Treasure Island, Virginia Voolfe, Temporary Buddy, Comedy of Errors, Merchant of Venice, and Othello. In 1989, he started his journey as a television actor with the series, “Miami Vice” in the role of ‘Tommy T.’

Miami Vice (1989)

In 1990, he made his film debut with the role of ‘Peter’ in “Chains of Gold.”

Chains of Gold (1990)

In the 2000s, he worked as a real estate broker and returned back to his acting career in 2010s. He has acted in many Hollywood films, A Little Piece of Sunshine (1990), Popcorn (1991), Wrestling Ernest Hemingway (1993), Bad Boys (1995), Up Close & Personal (1996), Bully (2001), Out of Time (2003), Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland (2014), Catastrópico (2017), and One Last Thing (2018) are a few of them. He has also acted in many TV series such as The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage (1991), Swamp Thing (1993), Walker, Texas Ranger (1997), NYPD Blue (1999), Drop Dead Diva (2010), Halt and Catch Fire (2014), Still The King (2016), Chicago Fire (2018), Nashville (2012-18), and The Resident (2019). Ed made his web debut with the Netflix film, Hillbilly Elegy (2020) as ‘Rich’ and has also acted in the web production, A Week Away (2020) in the role of ‘Mike.’

Favorite Things

  • Food: Classic Coleslaw, Spaghetti
  • Actor: John Wilkes Booth


  • In his free time, he likes to travel and do the cooking.
  • He is an avid animal lover and has a dog named Toni, and a bird named Kevin.

    Ed Amatrudo's Pet, Toni

    Ed Amatrudo’s Pet, Toni

  • Apart from acting, he is a very sporty person and plays sports like billiards, fencing, football, golf, ping-pong, shooting, tennis, and volleyball.
  • During his teenage, he was a member of a band named ‘Bootleg;’ the band used to play at a club named Pine Orchard Club. He used to play the guitar and drums in the band.

    Ed Amatrudo Playing the Drum for his Band

    Ed Amatrudo Playing the Drum for his Band

  • In 2019, he turned producer with his short film, Faceless.


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