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Camille Lellouche

Camille Lellouche is a French actress, comedian, YouTuber, and singer who came into the limelight with her humourous and musical videos on YouTube. She is also known for contesting in the French version of the singing reality TV show ‘The Voice’ (2015).


Camille Lellouche was born on Tuesday, June 10, 1986 (age 35 years; as of 2021), in Île-de-France.

Camille Lellouche's childhood picture

Camille Lellouche’s childhood picture

She grew up in Vitry-sur-Seine in the Parisian suburbs. Growing up with an artistic streak, Camille started playing the piano at the age of 6, and then she also learned to play the viola. Later, she began performing in piano bars. At 19, she pursued a vocational baccalaureate in commerce (Bac Pro commerce). [1]MY TFI She pursued a course in acting at Acting International after which she started auditioning and landed minor roles in various films. [2]Fabien Ramade Productions

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 4″

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Camille Lellouche


Not much is known about her parents. While talking about her father in an interview, she confessed that she had a complicated relationship with her father and reunited with him after seven years of separation. She said,

My biggest regret, and his, is our misunderstanding. We don’t understand each other. We love each other very much and we have a modesty that is quite linked to our culture. He still has a pride and an ego very badly placed. I told my father to go fuck himself. We haven’t spoken for 7 years.”

Camille Lellouche’s brother’s name is Maxime Lellouche, who is the co-owner and chef at the restaurant Konvives.

Camille Lellouche with her brother Maxime Lellouche

Camille Lellouche with her brother Maxime Lellouche

Her grandfather, Yvon Sallaud, was a concentration camp prisoner during World War II, who later authored the book ‘Les Coquelicots de la liberté.’ In an interview, she talked about her grandparents and said,

My two grandparents were deported, my grandmother never spoke about it (…) she was in an extermination camp and he in a labor camp. And my grandfather talked about it more easily, but with me, more than with my mother. We were very close, he was my second dad.”


In November 2021, while being interviewed for the show “Sept à huit,” Camille revealed that she was a victim of domestic violence. The comedian revealed that she was in an abusive relationship for two long years from the age of 19 to 21. In her emotional testimony, the young woman said,

J’avais 19 ans, j’ai vécu un enfer pendant deux ans…Toutes les formes de violences qu’une femme peut subir, je les ai subies…Il me mettait des droites dans tous les sens… j’ai commencé à me pisser dessus. Il a continué à me rouer de coups…Avant de dormir, il m’a dit si je t’entends respirer je te tue. J’ai dormi dans ma pisse, par terre. Je priais pour ne pas mourir.”

( I was 19, I lived in hell for two years…All forms of violence that a woman can suffer, I have suffered…He was putting rights on me all over the place…I started pissing on myself. He continued to beat me up…Before sleeping, he told me if I was ‘hear breathing I’m killing you. I slept in my piss, on the floor . I prayed not to die.)

Nobody, apart from her best friend, knew about her horrible condition. Her best friend discovered about Camille when one day she arrived at Camille’s house and her boyfriend was bursting her face. [3]Gala In 2021, speculations about Camille’s relationship with French actor Rayane Bensetti began after a video featuring their passionate kiss went viral on the internet.



Camille made her film debut after being discovered by the French film director Rebecca Zlotowski in 2012 while working as a waitress in a Parisian brewery. Subsequently, Rebecca cast Camille for the role of “Géraldine” in the French-Austrian romance film ‘Grand Central’ (2013).

Camille Lellouche in 'Grand Central' (2013)

Camille Lellouche in ‘Grand Central’ (2013)

In 2016, she landed the role of la mariée (the bride) in Rebecca Zlotowski’s French-Belgian drama film ‘Planetarium.’ She played the role of Camille in the 2017 French drama film ‘Le Prix du succès.’ Other acting credits under her belt includes the French films L’école est finie (2018) as Noémie, Mon inconnue (2019) as Mélanie, and Le dindon (2019) as Jacqueline.


Along with working in the film Grand Central’ (2013), she made a name for herself by posting amusing videos and singing songs in her piano voice on YouTube. Putting her acting lessons to use, she uploads short sketches on the Internet. The comedian toured all over France with an eponymous one-woman show, Camille In Reality (initially called Camille Lellouche). In the show, she oscillates between sketches and musical performances. She wrote and directed the show with Laurent Junca. In the show, she played characters like Kim Kardashian’s distant cousin, a bohemian actress from Saint Germain des Près, a michetonneuse in the love of the old rich, etc.


In 2015, she participated in the French singing reality show ‘The Voice: La Plus Belle Voix.’ In the show, she was a member of Mika’s (Lebanese-born British singer-songwriter) team. She was eliminated in the semi-final against the fellow participant Anne Sila.

Camille Lellouche in The Voice La Plus Belle Voix (2015)

Camille Lellouche in The Voice La Plus Belle Voix (2015)

In 2016, she joined the team of the French live television talk show ‘Touche pas à mon poste!,’ which aired on channel C8, as a columnist. In 2017, she appeared in the French television show ‘Quotidien,’ hosted by Yann Barthès, on the channel TMC. In the show, for the segment entitled Face Cam, Camille embodied a gallery of characters, presenting them in a humorous way.

Camille Lellouche in the television show 'Quotidien'

Camille Lellouche in the television show ‘Quotidien’


In 2020, she released, in a duet with Grand Corps Malade, the song titled “Mais je t’aime,” which went on to receive the award for original song of the year at the Victoires de la musique (2021).

Mais je t'aime by Camille Lellouche and Grand Corps Malade

Other popular songs that she voiced include Et si (2020), Je remercie mon ex (2020), and N’insiste pas (2020). In 2021, she released her debut album “A,” featuring fifteen songs.

Camille Lellouche's first album 'A' in 3-part digipack CD

Camille Lellouche’s first album ‘A’ in 3-part digipack CD


  • Singer: François Feldman (French Singer)
  • Actor: Elie Kakou (Tunisian-French actor) 
  • Actress: Julie Ferrier (French actress)
  • Comedian: Gad Elmaleh (Canadian-French-Moroccan stand-up comedian)


  • She is signed with the talent management agency Agence Artistique Adéquat, where she is represented by Laura Meerson.
  • In 2015, she was rumored to be a relative of the popular French film director Claude Lellouche due to the same last name. Soon after the news begin to circulate, Camille denied the rumors claiming that she was not related to the filmmaker.
  • She took 20 years of lessons to excel in pianoforte and 5 years of lessons in viola.
  • She has a bunch of flowers inked on her right wrist.

    A picture showcasing Camille Lellouche's wrist tattoo

    A picture showcasing Camille Lellouche’s wrist tattoo

  • She is a recipient of the award for Best Comedy Show at Olympia Awards (2019).

    Camille Lellouche posing with her award for Best Comedy Show at Olympia Awards (2019)

    Camille Lellouche posing with her award for Best Comedy Show at Olympia Awards (2019)

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