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Brandy Vaughan

Brandy Vaughan was an American former pharmaceutical representative and renowned anti-vax activist who died on December 7, 2020, due to a blood clot in the artery.


Brandy Vaughan was born on Sunday, March 21, 1976 (age 44 years, as of 2021), and she hails from California, US. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she earned a degree in biochemistry & political science. [1]The Santa Barbara Independent

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 5″

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Brandy Vaughan

Family & Ethnicity

Her grandmother belonged to the Cherokee, an indigenous tribe of the Southeastern Woodlands of the US, who was forced to abandon her family name heritage to own a business in Oklahoma. [2]Facebook Despite using precautions and the morning-after pills, Brandy Vaughan got pregnant and gave birth to a son named Bastien Vaughan in 2011. When Brandy revealed that she was pregnant to Bastien’s father, he denied parenthood and suggested Brandy to abort the child. [3]Brandy Vaughan’s Facebook Although she despised being a single mother, just like her own mother, she decided to raise her son alone with no involvement from the child’s father. Envious of the medical industry, she dropped the idea of modern hospital birth and opted for the traditional Waterbirth method, with the help of midwives.

Carrer & Activism

From 2001 to 2004, she worked as a sales executive for the pharmaceutical company Merck. At Merck, she sold Vioxx, a painkiller that was withdrawn from the market in 2004 after the company disclosed the information about the risk of heart attack and stroke due to long-term high-dosage of the drug. Merck withheld information about the risks of the drug from doctors and patients for over five years, consequently resulting in between 88,000 and 140,000 cases of serious heart disease. The alleged incident instilled distrust in Vaughan’s heart after which she grew suspicious of pharmaceutical companies that claim their products to be safe. In an interview, she said,

From that experience, I realized that just because something is on the market doesn’t mean it’s safe. Much of what we are told by the healthcare industry just simply isn’t the truth.”

In 2005, she joined the Dutch bank ABN AMRO in Amsterdam, where she held the position of senior editor and writer. In 2007, she left ABN AMRO to Philips Research Eindhoven, where she worked as a managing editor. After working for Philips Research Eindhoven for three years, she left the job in 2010. Thereafter, she spent eight years in Europe analyzing how its healthcare was different from the US. Once, after her return to the States, she was bullied at a pediatrician’s office for raising her son vaccine-free. In 2015, she established the anti-vaccine group Learn the Risk (formerly Council for Vaccine Safety), which was renowned for its billboard campaigns asserting vaccines are responsible for a large number of deaths of young children.

Learn the Risk's billboard campaigns claiming vaccines contain toxic ingredients

Learn the Risk’s billboard campaigns claiming vaccines contain toxic ingredients

The group was founded in oppose to California’s mandatory vaccination for education law “SB277,” which required proof of vaccination for students to attend public or private schools. The group also believed in the Big Pharma conspiracy theory, according to which the medical community especially pharmaceutical companies and large corporations operate for sinister purposes and against the public good concealing the side effects, which might worsen a disease. She prompted questions like, “Why does the United States spend more on health care than any other country and still has more sick people?” She concluded that the healthcare industry makes money through sick people; therefore it conceals effective treatments. Brandy Vaughan shared her view through numerous educational events, rallies, and symposiums.

Brandy Vaughan giving a speech at the SB277 rally in California

Brandy Vaughan giving a speech at the SB277 rally in California

Furthermore, she was featured in various media channels, including InfoWars, The Ritchie Allen Show, The Liberty Beacon, Brian Copeland’s radio talk show, Information Press, and Future Money Trends.


On December 7, 2020, Brandy Vaughan, at age 44, died of bilateral pulmonary thromboembolism, also known as a blood clot in an artery, at her home on East Sola Street in Santa Barbara. She was found dead by her 9-year-old son. Police investigators opted to give her death more careful scrutiny due to Vaughan’s high profile in the anti-vaccination movement. The officials determined there was no sign of foul play. [4]The Santa Barbara Independent


  • Being a descendant of the Cherokee people, Brandy hated Thanksgiving and claimed that the festival celebrated the mass genocide of the Native Americans.
  • Six days before her death she posted a post on her Facebook account stating that she has never been suicidal or depressed; hence, she has never consumed any anti-depressants.
  • Since 2009, she hadn’t consumed any pharmaceutical drug.
  • In a Facebook post, she claimed that she had never consumed any illegal drugs.

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